About Sallie Crenshaw

Indian croppedSallie Crenshaw compiled Dot’s letters and photos to publish I Did It My Way: The Travel Adventures of Dorothea Bonavito, 1948 – 2000. Sallie says, “This is not my book. It is your book — Dot’s friends and family. Cousins, childhood friends, Foreign Service friends, friends met during travels, and friends from Dot’s Paris days. For me, it has been a labor of love to celebrate Dot’s travel adventures and her fiercely independent spirit. This is my tribute to Dot.”

Sallie was a friend of Dot’s for over thirty years. The two met through Sallie’s uncle Thad Crenshaw, a former Foreign Service Officer living in Paris. Dot’s friends and family enlisted Sallie to transform Dot’s archives of travel letters, photos and travel mementos into this book. Sallie Crenshaw was born in Alabama and has a Master’s in International Relations from Duke University. By no deliberate plan, Sallie ended up in the corporate world, working for the global IT and telecommunications companies AT&T, Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq, and MCI WorldCom. She finished her corporate career with Shell International Oil and Petroleum and retired to Paris.

Sallie’s first overseas posting was in London in the 1980s and she “forgot” to go home again. She was based in Paris, Brussels, and finally London. “Home” was often her suitcase — work and personal travel took Sallie to more than sixty countries. Her favorite role was opening “new” countries. After the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union collapsed, Sallie spearheaded Digital Equipment Corporation’s drive to open their computer business in these former Soviet bloc countries, as well as in South Africa.

Sallie’s most memorable experience was meeting Nelson Mandela, shortly after he was released from prison. Her worst culinary adventure was a diplomatic picnic in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, featuring boiled sheep’s head and fermented mare’s milk.

Sallie lives on the Left Bank, in the 7 arrondissement of Paris.

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